Yellowren Arts Festival 2013 premiered in Tokyo, Japan in the creative enclave of Shimokitazawa from 28 May to 2 June with “Dreams. Cities. Stories.”, featuring a series of art exhibitions that mirror the dreams, aspirations, environment and lifestyle of city-dwellers. The festival theme was centered on the Chinese character of (yi) that is translated as an art or a skill. The simplicity of this singular character evokes a sense of creativity and beauty that can be appreciated by everyone through the language of arts. One of the exhibition works includes a photography narrative of collective works collated via an open call from residents in Singapore and Japan.


Following the generous reception at our inaugural festival, Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 saw a greater collaboration of talented local and overseas artists who showcase their quality creative works to the community in Tokyo at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo from 2 to 7 May. The 2014 festival theme, “Between Us,” created a bridge for conversations and emotions that may just lend meaning to our daily interactions with others, objects and nature - The pronoun "us" is often used to represent the connection between two persons or that within a collective. Yet what are the dynamics and synergy that develop spaces to create "us"? Do "us" refer only to human relations? What about connections between people and their physical environment?”


The theme for Yellowren Arts Festival 2015 is “Dreams,” taking inspiration from a “beautiful-form-watcher”- the kaleidoscope. “Dreams are like the refracted pieces in a kaleidoscope. You can turn them into infinite possibilities.” Instead of Tokyo, Yellowren Arts Festival 2015 will be sharing its dreams to Morioka this 22, 24 & 25 October to journey along with the community that is affected by the March 11 tsunami in Iwate, Japan. Our team recognises that no one willingly walks into an overwhelming situation or a crisis. It is often thrown upon one unexpectedly. The loss of homes, loved ones and other dramatic events may affect people in multiple aspects. However, growth is possible amidst the most difficult situations. Indeed, dreams are not broken. They are being built.