Suet Ferng graduated from the National University of Singapore with an honours degree in Arts and Social Sciences. Upon graduation, she served as an educator and urban planner in the civil service for 7 years before joining the non-profit sector to focus on creative work and youth development. In 2014, she obtained a Masters of Arts degree in Urban Studies, with a concentration in Community Arts from Eastern University in Philadelphia. Her journey with the arts includes working alongside therapists and artists in facilitating art experiences both in Singapore and beyond. She has worked with a diverse population including homeless children, at-risk youth, teenage mothers and the elderly. Her interest lies in healing and post-traumatic growth. She enjoys conversations with people who experience transitions in life, as well as those who embrace life and have a passion to bring colours to the lives of others.


Jeremy studied at Curtin University of Technology, Australia, where he earned a degree majoring in Multimedia Design and his experience spans across disciplines such as graphic design, front-end development of websites and managing projects for digital content production. In 2011, Jeremy ventured into animation after obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts in Animation and Digital Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Asia. He was one of 3 animators for Singapore MediaCorp's OKTO channel TV series, The Diary of Amos Lee. His other involvement includes being the Festival Director of the Yellowren Arts Festival (2013 & 2014), an annual event created to bring arts to the heartlands of Yishun and to create a platform for local artist to showcase their talents.


Though a California native, Sheri Park lived in Japan for six years as a child. She recently circumnavigated the world for an art pilgrimage that explored the complexity of place and identity in her life and in the lives of her friends.

Though her first love was painting, during her undergraduate degree from Union College her work became interdisciplinary, focusing on photography, video/performance, and collage construction. During her art and theology studies at Fuller Seminary, collaboration became an important part of her artistic process. She continues to explore collaboration in both one-on-one and larger settings.


Themes of growth and change are the focus of her work: the shifting of the seasons, the discontinuity of the physical female experience, the impact of moving to a foreign country. What do the different phases look and feel like? What prompts or hinders these changes? And, how do we define identity and home in the midst of constant movement?


In addition to making visual art and contemplating the mystery of God, she works in graphic design and has taught art to children. Her hobbies include dancing, walking in nature, and making/eating breakfast.


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