Effective stewardship leads to generative work and a generative culture. We turn wheat to bread - and bread into community. We turn grapes to wine - and wine into occasions for joyful camaraderie, conviviality, conversation, and creativity. We turn minerals into paints - and paints to works that lift the heart or stir the spirit. We turn ideas and experiences into imaginative worlds for sheer enjoyment and to expand the scope of our empathy.

- Makoto Fujimura

Yellowren is a fusion name, yellow being the ‘color’ of the Asian majority and ‘ren’ being the romanization of the Chinese character, ‘人’, which means people.

Yellowren Productions is a community arts company based in Singapore and Japan. The company is grateful for the opportunity to steward the arts in generating culture and community.

A culture of effecting lives with stories of renewal and emerging the transformation of communities through spaces of the arts. Also, Yellowren creates a platform for innovative artists to bring and bridge the expressions of their works within communities, igniting conversations, relationships and stories.

Despite our broken world, Yellowren believes in the certainty of hope.